Finding Community – Reflections by DSTL Arts student, Jeremy Arias

Editor’s Note: The following blog post was written by our student, Jeremy Arias, a short story writer and aspiring novelist. The following is his reflection on being part of our Arts Mentorship Program.

As a writer and student in a high school without any art classes of any kind, I felt my time and work writing was going to waste. With three brothers and a little sister, I felt I had better things to focus on other than writing, and I directed most of my time to them. When I first joined DSTL Arts, I felt accepted into a new community full of creative individuals that focused on similar ideas to mine. I felt encouraged, and over time, my work progressed very much. I gained enough encouragement to dedicate more time into completing and publishing my first work.

Playing and Prepping with DSTL Arts

All at once, I was guided through the process of writing a book and went to the extent of being able to sell copies of my work. With the help of DSTL Arts I was finally able to complete one of my life goals: publishing a book. And I was honored to be known not only as a writer, but as a published author and artist. DSTL Arts’ aid has given me so much confidence as a writer and public speaker by reading my material to groups of people.

DSTLArts students paint, draw, photograph and write their way to a career

I know I can turn to my mentor when I need help, and I will get the help I need to become not only a better writer, but a better person. I have been introduced to many other talented artists. I now feel there is much more to art, and the world, than what we learn in classes. DSTL Arts has helped me accomplish what I wanted to accomplish and exposed me to the art community to gain the inspiration and experience I need to make my hobby a career.

Reading by the Tree: A DSTL Arts Literary Showcase

To learn more about how we inspire, teach, and hire creative at-risk youth, visit our Arts Mentorship Program page now. To show your support for our young authors and artists, consider shopping at our online store at or send a donation for our programs through our Donate page.

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