DSTL Arts Student Laura Davila Shares Her Love for the ArtsFam

Editor’s Note: The following blog post was written by DSTL Arts student, Laura Davila. You can get to know her better by reading all about her here.

I first met Luis a couple years ago at a poetry workshop I’d been taking during the summer. It was our mutual love for a certain Mexican musician that got us talking, and after, our passion for writing. It was during one of our conversations that he spoke to me of his interest for book publishing. This knowledge was what lead me to frantically search for his number through all my files in late September of 2013.

DSTL Arts students having fun!

I’d begun writing a story about warriors with mystical powers based off of Mayan and Aztec myth. I felt that if my story was ever to expand or grow enough to become published, I needed professional help. Luis seemed all too glad to help me out when I spoke to him of my idea and we began meeting in early October. It was then that Luis let me know of the nonprofit he’d begun with the help of his fiancé, Jen.

Arts Mentorship in Action

Since then, Luis and his fiancé have been guiding voices in my fledgling career as a writer. Luis especially has been there during all the ups and downs of not only my writing career, but my life as well. Luis and his fiancé both have stood behind my dreams of starting a new writing movement fronted by Latino writers.

DSTL Arts Students Living the Artist Life

Because of DSTL Arts, I’ve been able to be a part of a few readings and zine fests. I’ve been able to create and sell my art – a prospect that I’d dreamed of in the past, but had believed unattainable – and have been able to expand my artistic tendencies in other directions.

DSTL Arts, as a program, has made my life as an artist seem much more attainable and much less of a dream; and more of a reality.

DSTL Arts students engage in their future careers.

To learn more about our program, visit our Arts Mentorship Program page now. And to read about Laura’s current role as a Los Angeles Youth Poet Ambassador, read this blog post now.

Lend your support to our students now and make their artistic career goals more of a reality now. Visit our Donate page to learn how you can make an impact.

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